Work & Travel USA Program Fees

NEW Fess for W&T 2023 will be announced in October.

These fees we charged in 2022:
Registration Fee: 450 zlotys
Application Fee: 990 zlotys
plus the following program fees, depending on the program option:
SELF Placement program fee: $730
FULL Placement program fee: $1230

  • The program fee includes health insurance for the duration of the program (both work and travel period) and the SEVIS fee ($35).
  • Self Placement option– for participants with an independent job offer
  • Full Placement option– for participants who choose a host employer from our website

Payment Schedule
Payments are divided into instalments and can be paid from November to March/April.
If you need more details about the program fees, including cancellation policy and fees, feel free to contact us at biuro@thebestway.pl 

Do you want to apply? Start from completing the Registration Form HERE

What’s included:
  • DS-2019 form which is the basis for applying for a J-1 visa,
  • insurance for the whole period of your stay in the U.S. – (medical, accident insurance),
  • SEVIS fee (USD 35),
  • interview, information about the program and traveling tips,
  • assistance in completing the documents,
  • full access to WAT offers, interview support,
  • verification of the self-placed job offer forms (SELF-placed option)
  • visa application support,
  • TBW’s and J-1 sponsor’s support during your stay in the U.S.
  • WAT Orientation and additional materials.
What’s not included:
  • visa fee: payable to the U.S. Embassy in Poland: USD 160,
  • flight ticket: the price depends on your departure date and destination,
  • housing and meal costs during your stay in the US.

We can find a ticket for you but you are also free to purchase the ticket on your own. It’s up to you.


For TBW regular customers*:
– a discount of 150 zlotys for applications submitted by 31 December 2021
– a discount of 100 zlotys for applications submitted after 1 January 2022
*regular customer is a participant who travelled to the United States with TBW at least once.

Group discounts:
– Groups of 4-6 friends (max. 1 returnee* per group) – each person gets a discount of 100 zlotys.
– Groups of 7-10 friends (max. 2 returnees* per group) – each person gets a discount of 150 zlotys.
– Groups of 11 and more (max. 3 returnees* per group) – each person gets a discount of 200 zlotys.

*returnee – a person who participated in W&T USA with TBW at least once.
In order to receive a group discount all friends must apply for the program on the same day.