Work & Travel USA 2023 Program Fees

Registration Fee: 550 zlotys
Application Fee: 1090 zlotys

plus the following program fees, depending on the program option:
SELF Placement program fee: $790 (the fee includes health insurance and the SEVIS fee of $35).
FULL Placement program fee: $1290 (the fee includes health insurance and the SEVIS fee of $35).

Payment Schedule
Payments are divided into instalments and can be paid from November to March.
If you need more details about the program fees, including cancellation policy and fees, feel free to contact us at biuro@thebestway.pl 

Do you want to apply? Start from completing the Registration Form HERE

What’s included:
  • DS-2019 form which is the basis for applying for a J-1 visa,
  • insurance for the whole period of your stay in the U.S. – (medical, accident insurance),
  • SEVIS fee (USD 35),
  • interview, information about the program and traveling tips,
  • assistance in completing the documents,
  • full access to WAT offers, interview support,
  • verification of the self-placed job offer forms (SELF-placed option)
  • visa application support,
  • TBW’s and J-1 sponsor’s support during your stay in the U.S.
  • WAT Orientation and additional materials.
What’s not included:
  • visa fee: payable to the U.S. Embassy in Poland: USD 160,
  • flight ticket: the price depends on your departure date and destination,
  • housing and meal costs during your stay in the US.

We can find a ticket for you but you are also free to purchase the ticket on your own. It’s up to you.


For TBW regular customers*:
– a discount of 200 zlotys for applications submitted by 31 December 2022
– a discount of 150 zlotys for applications submitted after 1 January 2023
*regular customer is a participant who travelled to the United States with TBW at least once.