Who is eligible?

Who is eligible? 

    • full-time B.A., M.A. and PhD students,
    • students aged: 19 – 26,
    • students who completed at least one year of university education in Poland and continue the same field of study, at the same university,
    • minimum English level – intermediate,
    • student ID card must be valid until 31 October 2024,
    • students who have a residence card (Karta Pobytu) valid until at least 1 October, 2024,
    • the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return to Poland, (at least by May 2025).

If you do not meet the above requirements, you cannot apply for the program with The Best Way.

Who is NOT eligible? 

    • we DO NOT accept foreign students in their final year at university,
    • we DO NOT accept students who arrived and started their education in Poland in October 2023 or will start in February/March 2024,
    • we DO NOT accept students who are on a dean’s leave,
    • we DO NOT accept students who don’t have a residence card (Karta Pobytu); Residence Card is required at the time of application,
    • we will not accept students who are interested only in the financial aspect of the program.

The above requirements are final and apply to the program organised by The Best Way. Their purpose is to increase the chances of J-1 visa approval, however, TBW cannot guarantee all applicants will be granted a visa, even if they meet all requirements.

The earliest program start date is 25 May
The latest program end date  is 30 September
Minimum work period is 12 weeks
Maximum work period is 4 months (i.e. 25/05 – 25/09)
After the work period ends, the students can travel in the United States (they cannot travel beyond the borders of the United States) during the 30-day grace period
The Participants may use the whole grace period for traveling but they must return to Poland by 1 October

The Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Poland may change the above requirements at any stage of the application process.