1. Registration form. Applicant screening.
    – the applicant fills out the registration form HERE
    – we will contact the applicant to conduct a short interview to assess their eligibility (student status) and English level (via phone or a Zoom)
    – the applicant receives a copy of the Program Agreement and the payment schedule
  2. Program Agreement. Registration fee.
    – signing of the Program Agreement (in our office or via email)
    – the applicant pays the registration fee
  3. Program fees
    You can find individual payment deadlines in the Program Agreement. The program fees are divided into installments which must be paid from November to March/April, depending on when you apply for the program.
  4. Online application. Selection of WAT USA host employer. Payment of remaining fees.
    – FULL-placed applicants select a host employer and secure their placement,
    – SELF-placed applicants submit an agreement with a host employer within the specified deadline,
    – TBW gives the applicant access to an online database, where the applicant completes their information and submit required documents,
    – FULL-placed applicant interviews with their host employer and receives an offer.
  5. J-1 Sponsor’s approval, Issuance of DS-2019 form.
    – J-Sponsor reviews the applicant’s online application and documents
    – J-1 Sponsor issues the DS-2019 form, which is required for the J-1 visa application.
  6. Visa application process
    – the applicant receives visa application instructions
    – TBW submits the applicant’s documents to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate and schedules
    a visa appointment
    – visa interviews take place from March to June
    – the applicant’s visa interview date depends on the date the applicant receives an agreement from the host employer and pays the program fees
  7. Flight ticket
    – we recommend purchasing a flight ticket after your visa application is approved; not sooner than after receiving an offer from your host employer
    – you can book your flight ticket by yourself or with our assistance
  8. Departure to the U.S.