Opinie uczestników Work & Travel

Laura Kucal, Poland

Work and travel program was the biggest adventure in my life. (So I decided to do it twice;)) I met people who will be my friends till the end of my days. I had chance to learn about American culture and people who are living there. Actually I felt in love with USA after I visited the most known places like New York City, Miami Beach, Niagara Falls, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles… Now I know that knowledge which I took from traveling is more important than this from books. I can recommend this program for everyone, I don’t know anyone who was disappointed with this trip. So come on, discover the world!

Maria Kulak, Poland

It has always been my dream to see USA. Thanks to the Work and Travel program and CIEE foundation my dream could come true. I worked in Cedar Point Amusement Park, where I met amazing people, improved my English skills, had fun while working and which enabled me to have funds to see places like New York, Washington, Las Vegas, San Francisco and many more. I highly recommend taking part in this program. It most certainly was the adventure of a lifetime!

Brygida Jackowiak, Poland

„First thought when I am thinking about Work & Travel program? Happy! I was incredibly happy, almost every day I was in a good mood. I didn’t care about money I just was happy. In my opinion people over there are completely different. I mean, right now I can see differences between us – European people and American people. The thing is when you live you can see that almost everything is possible there! And after it you come back home and you still think in this way. It’s amazing cause you may share it with people. This is one of the best things after Work & Travel program. Probably I will sound boring,  anyway I improved my English skills and I am more open-minded than before. Why? That’s pretty easy! When you live over there you have to communicate in their language, everybody ask you about your country, culture, tradition. Americans are really interested in Europe and our life. I am sure that decision about Work & Travel program was completely right. When your Chinese guide left you in unknown city, when your luggage is totally broken and are already late, when you missed the bus because it came earlier than it should and you have to plan everything from the beginning and buy second time the same tickets – everything makes you stronger. That’s why I feel richer – it’s not connect with money – I feel more comfortable, self-confident like I know wherever I will live I will deal with it…”

Natalia Bazyluk, Poland

What is my experience about W&T? First I had to ask myself:
am I responsible
am I willing to take responsibility for other people’s lives?
am I prepared to never ever let my guard down?
am I willing to stay in top shape?
If the answer to all these was yes, then ask yourself,
am I willing to have one of the best part-time jobs ever?
Then i realized that I would like to be a lifeguard.
That what happened with me on my first Work & Travel program. I became a lifeguard in USA and then my life changed. Work and Travel USA is a program of international cultural exchange that allowed me to meet students from different countries of the world and broaden my mind in many different aspects of life! The primary purpose of the program is to acquaint foreign students with the culture and life of modern America and the distribution of other cultures among its inhabitants, but another purpose is definitely unforgettable memories and experience about: yourself-your personality, meeting new friends and new culture what any money cannot buy. There is no words to say how valuable Work & Travel program is – you just need to: go there, live there and feel it and sum up how much you gain !

Natalia Osowska, Poland

Work & Travel USA was an amazing life adventure. Under this program, I went to the US on 3 different occasions. Every trip was different, what allowed me to experience various aspects e.g.
– I’ve traveled all over the country and got to see many wonderful places – In my whole life, I hadn’t seen as much as I did during those summer times.
– I’ve learned how to be more independent, responsible, and resourceful.
– I met interesting people, their great stories, and now I have my own stories to tell.
– I believe, W&T USA made me more ambitious. I realized there are plenty of opportunities and I just need to try hard to achieve my goals.

I will always have the beautiful memories. What’s more, I know that Work & Travel USA brought the unexpected and changed my life. Thanks to this, I am very happy about who I am and where I am today.